Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dream: Man Oblivious to God's Judgments

This is an excerpt from my journal from a few years ago 2004, but it is still interesting

Then the dream skipped or at least as I remember it to me being with my wife and we were in a safe place. She had me look across a chasm and on the other side were situations everywhere in which God was working through people in supernatural ways, bringing forth judgment before the final end. It was a birth pain of the end times. I remember in detail only the scene of the last example. There was a minister who was caught in a stream with his son. The minister had committed the sin of adultery and he had repented of it and genuinely. They passed over a waterfall the son went through unscathed, but the minister fell into a whirlpool at the bottom of the falls and died. Most people were not alarmed because many were dying in whirlpools, but they failed to realize the whirlpool was forming in a counterclockwise motion... which is contrary to the natural order and physical law. It was made clear to me it was a supernatural event. I do not feel that the minister was being judged, but the point seemed to be that there are still consequences for our actions, because he accepted it and did what was right by repenting, he was brought home to heaven quickly, without much suffering and his son remained unharmed. He knew that he still must be punished, it was now the law of nature on earth, yet his punishment would not harm his eternal life. His successor however was also an adulterer and it was his successor who was judged much more severely because he did not repent. Other judgments were going on and no one seemed to noticed that they were out of the ordinary, that had just grown to accept them as part of their life.

Then I woke up, it was fall and I looked out the window and see huge flocks of birds larger than any I have ever seen migrating, but they were migrating north, opposed to nature. I took this as confirmation that many have turned a blind eye to the judgment of God, and because they do this, there judgment will be much more severe.

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