Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dream: A Prophetic Correction

After my vision experience which will be posted soon on this blog, I began to have a lot more prophetic dreams, I haven't had any in a a few years, but this is one of the few dozen I had that turned out to be true It is dated in my journal as 10-26-04

Last night I had a prophetic dream concerning someone I don't know very well. In the dream she spoke to me and told me she had had it with God and his refusal to answer her questions. She was seeking answers concerning the whereabouts and future of her estranged son and husband. She consulted occultist practices. I argued and pleaded that she would repent. It was a very short dream and then I woke up. 

The next time I spoke to her, I asked her outright if she was messing with the occult. She asked me why and I told her about my dream. She then confirmed that she has consulted psychics and sought out other methods to practice divination for that specific reason. She also said she had been receiving  message all week from God that said "trust me." She said she even heard an audible voice saying it loud and clearly. She repented immediately and we were both a little dumbfounded at how the Holy Spirit had just moved.

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