Thursday, June 23, 2011

Message to Laodecian Churches

This was written in a far more intense form then I typically write. I wrote it after having visited a church I had never been to. Writing has never come out of me this fast, and with very little editing. I realize this is strong language, but that is how I felt, and to edit that I think real takes away from it's rawness.

You honor me with your lips, but your hearts are far from me! You who have a reputation for being alive but are dead... now is the time wake up! Your gatherings are only ritual there is no meat. You do not support the nourishment his sheep are in such great need of. The outsides of your Churches are beautiful in construction, with luxury that spoils you, but inside, it is as dead as a tree stump! If you place a prostitute in an extravagant wedding dress it does not make her beautiful, you have defiled the dress! Your good deeds and your works are empty! Yes you do much service, service around the world, often more than those who truly love YHWH do, but your deeds are empty! Empty! You meet material needs, but you pay no attention to their spiritual needs, you are afraid to offend and fear accomplishes little . You must learn courage and boldness. You no longer rely upon the Strength of the Word, but upon the strength of your traditions. What good is it to meet only a physical need? Meeting that need is opening a door to meet the far greater spiritual need and you have squandered it! You fools! You have prepared, the dinner table for your guests and teased them with the smells of wonderful food, but you have only brought out that which you would otherwise throw to the dogs! Do you think they will go on in starvation forever, They will rise up and seek out real meals that they might be filled and many that could have been taught will turn away to false idols and as for you; God will take away the meal he has prepared for you because you have refused to share it and it will be given to someone else. You provide only empty promises that lead to empty dreams, empty dreams that lead to empty lives, empty lives that lead to the fiery furnace! Faith and deeds must work together. Good deeds do not earn you a place in the kingdom, but have you forgotten a good tree bears good fruit. Your fruits are superficial, they look good but taste bitter, bad fruit! You believe in God and the most important mission of Christ’s Sacrifice. You believe in hell and the punishment of sin. Even the demons believe this and shudder! But you are not committed to him who freed you from bondage! He who has an ear let him hear! He stands at the door and knocks if anyone of you would listen and let him in you will be spared. If you do not let him in your doors, he will barge into your churches and take your lampstand from it’s place and the few of those that remain in him will be taken from among you, so then, that little life you have left will be taken from you, just as the talent was taken back from the wicked servant who hid his entrusted money in a worthless hole! They will be part of the bride of Christ and you; you who are so pompously self-righteous will be gathered as the dried up fallen twigs during the time of God's judgment and thrown into the fire to be burned! I pray you all repent for that time is near in its coming. Near than many of you think, just as in the days of Noah. Call out to Yeshua the only one who can save you!

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