Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why the name Jehoiakim?

No, Jehoiakim is not my real name, it's Jesse. For quite a few years though I have been blogging under this name on another now basically defunct site. I never intended to be a blogger, but as I randomly and occasionally wrote on that other social website, I was quite startled to see how many people were actually reading them. I have lost contact with most of my readers due to the now irrelevance of that site, but I thought I should start over with the few contacts I still have, and invite some new ones as well.

A few years ago while I was praying I had the clear name of Jehoiakim placed on my heart. I felt God was addressing me with that name. I had forgotten who the man was besides a king. I went to research the name. At first I was pleased by this because the name means “raised by Yahweh.” I thought this was an appropriate fit because while I was raised in Christian circles, I learned most of what I know through the observation of hypocritical Christianity. I was not one to follow the guidance or teaching of another without my own comparison of the scriptures and through prayer. However, it wasn’t long after this I was reminded how wicked a king he actually was, he did not listen to the prophets and lost the kingdom to Babylon. This was a very humbling thing for me to consider. Now when someone asks me who are you in the Lord I answer a name I would not have chosen for myself, Jehoiakim, a name with no trace of honor which must always keep me humble. It serves as a constant reminder that I am nothing outside of Christ.

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