Thursday, August 18, 2011

I was asked, "how do you know God's will?"

Some one asked me the following…
What is Gods plan? How do you understand it? What do you do to follow it?

Hopefully most of us know and practice the things I am going to list, in some ways I am stating the obvious, but I feel it is important to bring up none the less so we can understand them in context and see the abstract picture.

1. We know that God is unchanging and consistent because he is perfect, so the most important step is to study the word, (especially the words of Christ because that seems to be the clearest to understand) so you always have a foundation to compare life circumstances to.

2. Repent and continually measure your heart and motives against his word to keep yourself in check and commit to follow him and before he can lead you recognize that you need to "submit yourself as a living sacrifice" you need to surrender to him if you expect him to lead you to his will.

3. Pray, and pray with #2 in mind constantly making sure your motives are correct, ask God your questions and give him time to respond. Sometimes when we ask, not always, but sometimes, thoughts are placed in our head to guide us toward his will.

4. Use your brain and reason, but make sure it is not the only step you use and the bulk of it should be while you are praying so that you know what to ask God. From my experience if you give God the opportunity to answer, you are open to hearing him and keep your heart in check, if he doesn't give you an answer it is because you will reason out God's will and you don't need an answer from him. God gave us brains and sometimes I think Christians forget that, we spend all day asking and because we don't get a clear answer we remain idle. If he isn't clear about an answer then we probably already have it, or the path we are on will lead there.

5. Sometimes God gives us a sign and closes or opens doors, but don't allow yourself to think about it too much. Just be aware and include those observations in your prayer and reasoning.

6. Make sure in all you do you are reflecting the characteristics of God, especially love and mercy.