Friday, September 9, 2011

How Big is God... ramblings of a Mad Man

I think God is so big we really can't fathom it. Sometimes in feeble human attempts to understand how big God is people ask questions like, could God have created another universe or other planets with life and died there as a sacrifice also? Yeah maybe, but what if it is bigger then that. What if there are an infinite number of parallel dimensions. This makes the idea of predestination really interesting if you follow me here...

Imagine if you will, that every decision or choice we make exists as some sort of alternate dimension. If God knows everything we have ever thought, could think or would think, maybe in the mind of God all those decisions and variants to our life are as real as we are in the form of some alternate dimension/s. Maybe there is a dimension where I was saved at 9 years old, one where I was saved at 10, one where I was saved at 11, some where I was not saved at all. Every choice, every crossroads could be the creation of a new dimension. The amount of universes would truly be infinite, and we know God is infinite so it is plausible. We would have to understand though that we are not those people, we exist in our own dimension and those other versions of ourselves are their own unique soles.

Is any of that true... I have no idea, could it be true? I don't know, maybe, so why would it matter, well it is a start to understanding how big God really is because even if none of what I said above was true, certainly God is that big if not bigger. That whole concept is scary to a lot of people, but to me it is strangely comforting.