Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dream of coming Chaos...

This is excerpt from my journal from 9-8-2004. I mention it now because some other dreams I had around the same time pointed toward an upcoming Autumn as being a dangerous time, particularly late Sept/early Oct. I never knew which fall, but one dream involved a serious concern about my grandmother's health and the reaction of that side of the family around the same time of the Autumn in question. (It is now June2012 and as of a few weeks ago we just found out she has cancer and is terminal. They are not not saying how long she has left but it doesn't seem like more then a few months tops.) However, even before I received that news those there were other signs and information I heard suggesting clearly that it might well be soon. Perhaps not this fall, but I think things are getting close.

Circa 9-8-2004... Then I had another dream. I was at home, and looked out the window. There I saw a tree quickly loosing all of it’s leaves. I felt that things would seriously begin to change when all the leaves had fallen and I knew the time was very short. The leaves were still green though, indicating to me that the time was earlier fall, specifically late September or early October. It was apparent the leaves would all fall off long before they typically would. I then went out side to an alter I had (only in the dream, I don't really have an alter) at he back corner of our property. This was a direct communication with God. I would pray and ask God many questions. Then I would go about my business at home and work but very often would check back and see if God had given me any answers or new messages. I wanted to stay at the alter day and night, but I knew it was important for me to go out into the world and do what needed to be done, it was part of my duties as a keeper of the alter. While I was about to go back about my business I was shown a vision of young people running, most of them were running away in the woods with dress shoes and nicer clothes, not clothes you would typically be in the woods with. They had no equipment or anything else. One boy fell and broke his arm severely; he got up as quick as he could, ignoring all the pain to continue running. I could not see anything they were running from, but it became apparent they did not know where they were running to. I could see they were lost near where I thought my temporary place of hiding should be, but I was not there and could not help them, nor was I permitted to. This vision ceased and I went back to the alter to consult God, eagerly awaiting and expecting a message since the time was near, but it was slow in coming. I stood at the alter for a very long time waiting and other people began to notice. My neighbor came over. I was scared he would try to take away my alter and would not understand how important it was. So I looked inside and before he could touch the alter, I reached in and pulled out a large map. I handed him the map and he was very pleased he went away and I went about my business still looking back waiting for a message in the alter. Then I woke up. I did not know this map was in the alter, even though it was a material thing it had been placed there by God for my benefit, that I might use it in this way so that I could focus on God without distraction.

I believe this dream was telling me that the time is now very short, but I must go about my business. There will be Chaos around me and I may want to flee, but I must wait for God to tell me when and where to go. It is a secret and if others found out before hand they would certainly be sent out to destroy it and myself. Not because the hate me or hate God, but because anyone who does not belong to Christ, can be used by Satan as his pawn because they misunderstand. I need to have patience and wait on the Father.

In the last few years after this initial dream, I have had numerous other dreams that reference a specific area and some sort of forgotten, or prepared place. Whether this is the location of a place of safety, just a place along the path to get there, or just a symbolic tool I do not know. It is clear though that God is reminding me he is sovereign and he has a plan to protect me. I am tempted to expand on details, but that is something I am certain must be sealed up for now. Many things in my dreams seem to be strong suggestions and hint to how things unfold in my life, but not direct messages as it is not yet time for it to be totally revealed Link to a similar dream .

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Jehoiakim said...

follow up. My grandmother passed. I thought this were really going to start happening in fall, but I never quite got 100% confirmation. Obviously nothing happened, but I have been continuing to watch things unfold, consult in prayer and I still believe things are nearing.